Our services are generally invoiced on a man per hour basis. Our hourly rate depends on the intrinsic value and the experience or specialisation of the attorney entrusted with the specific mandate. The hourly fee is usually between CHF 300.00 and CHF 450.00 (excl. VAT). A small fee of 2% of the invoiced amount is added to the fee. Effective expenses (travel expenses, special courier services, photocopies etc.) will be invoiced separately.

Lump-sum agreements

Companies with recurring consulting needs may ask for our legal services at an agreed monthly or annual lump-sum rate. Our solution-oriented and efficient services are a cost-effective alternative to hiring in-house attorneys for many companies and SME.


We usually ask for an advance payment. As a rule, the final account is issued after the end of the mandate. For lengthy or particularly complex cases, which can be cost-intensive, invoices will be issued monthly or quarterly. With proactive communication we ensure that our clients are always and transparently informed about the costs. This way unpleasant surprises are avoided.

Legal protection insurance

If you have legal protection insurance, please inform your insurance in advance and verify whether your insurance covers the legal dispute and whether you may appoint an attorney by yourself (free choice of attorney). Please ask your insurance company at the very beginning of the legal procedure for a cost guarantee so that unpleasant surprises can be avoided. In principle, you remain our fee debtor, even if you are able to pass on our fees to your insurance.

Free administration of justice

If you do not have sufficient financial means to pay a legal representative and the costs of the litigation, we can submit a request for free administration of justice to the responsible court.

The requirements for the granting of free administration of justice is that you do not have the necessary financial means to finance the process yourself, as well as your request must not appear as a hopeless case. This means there must be reasonable chances of success. If these conditions are met, the costs of the proceedings and the legal representative will be paid by the court.

We also have good contacts to private litigation financers and are happy to make an initial assessment of your case and the costs involved.



Burppacher, Hug & Partner, unsere hauptsächlichen Tätigkeitsgebiete umfassen Wirtschafts- Gesellschaftsrecht, Vertrags- und Handelsrecht, Mergers & Acquisitions, Vertriebsrecht, Erbrecht und Nachfolgeplanung, Arbeits- und Aufenthaltsrecht, sowie Prozessführung. Die Anwälte unserer Kanzlei sind als Mitglieder in Verwaltungsräten, Geschäftsleitungen von Gesellschaften, Stiftungsstrukturen und Family Offices tätig.

News & Cases

May 2019: Franchising - Dickey’s Barbecue Pit plans expansion into the Swiss Market

The attorneys of Bruppacher Hug & Partner advise Dickeys Barbecue Pit on franchising in connection with its entry into the Swiss Market and the German-speaking part of Europe. Dickey's Barbecue Pit was founded in 1941 by Travis Dickey and the restaurant chain, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is still managed by the Dickey family today...

>>> more


April/May 2019: Guest article by Mark Bruppacher and Dominique Anderes in the journal ERFOLG on the rights of shareholders with regard to the General Assembly

The article outlines the frequently arising area of conflict between majority and minority shareholders and provides information on the protection of the rights of minority shareholders under Swiss law.

The entire article in German can be found    >>> here

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