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Thanks to our efficiency and loaylty we provide practical solutions that are legally viable and conform to our clients' eeconomic requirements.



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Most our clients are SMW's and their owners. Corporate law, estate planning and mergers & acquisitions are just a few of our core competences.

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We specialise in legal advice for domestic and foreign corporations, entrepreneurs and their families and private individuals in all commercial affairs.

Choosing the right corporate or personal lawyer in Zurich

Are you looking for a lawyer in Zurich for either personal or corporate matters? Established in 1993, Bruppacher Hug and Partner began as a small partnership that cared for close personal relationships with clients from all areas of business and backgrounds. Today the clients of BHP consist of small and medium sized companies, international corporations and private individuals, both in Switzerland and abroad, who benefit from access to a network of professional experts covering a wide range of legal and business specialities.

Meet your lawyer in Zurich

Perhaps you want a lawyer in Zurich who can guide you through commercial law, or maybe you want a legal team that specialises in mergers and acquisitions, inheritance law, or work and residence law. Whether you require advice regarding personal or business matters, our team is on hand to assist. We work closely with a network of specialists with extensive experience in every aspect of business law. BHP is also the choice of clients who require their lawyer in Zurich to be an expert in international law with a particular emphasis on finance and corporate governance, tax, and accounting.

The faces behind a successful firm of lawyers in Zurich

Since the firm was established in the early 90s, BHP has continued to build close personal relationships with its clients. Today the firm is known as a lawyer in Zurich that puts the needs of its clients first yet always provides premium legal advice that ensures the best outcome. The respected and experienced team is lead by Dr. C. Mark Bruppacher, Dr. Dieter Hug and lic. iur. Dominique Anderes. Find out more about the firm's founding partners at or read on for more information on your lawyer in Zurich, their recent work and areas of expertise.

What services are offered by your lawyer in Zurich?

Those looking for a skilled and approachable lawyer in Zurich will be pleased to learn that Bruppacher Hug and Partner offers a wide range of services that take almost any legal scenario into account. Bruppacher Hug & Partner is a small and very internationally orientated boutique law firm which has been active for over 20 years. The lawyers in Zurich are renowned for their expertise in the areas of commercial and business law including company and employment law, corporate housekeeping, shareholders rights and shareholders' agreements, expert reports and inheritance succession plans. Furthermore BHP has a broad experience with contracts, litigation and sports law. .

A lawyer in Zurich that meets your needs

Legal matters can be worrying, so it's essential to choose a lawyer in Zurich that always puts you first and understands your interests and business. Bruppacher Hug & Partner offers legal guidance and representation to a vast range of corporate and financial clients as well as private individuals, especially entrepreneurs or family owned businesses,. The lawyers in Zurich provide tailor-made solutions to solve its client’s legal problems. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you require additional information regarding the services of your lawyer in Zurich. We would be very pleased to assist you further.

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